Best Bird Nest House Design

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Popular Bird Nest House Design Ideas

Bird nest house design – Parakeets do not build nests in the wild, but uses holes in trees to lay eggs. You can be sure the box will be large enough for successful breeding and made with nontoxic materials to protect your birds when you build it yourself. Make a dent in the middle of one of the 12×16 pieces of plywood using a hammer. This will be the bottom of the box.

Drill a hole about 3 inches in diameter, 1 to 2 inches from the top of one of 12×12 pieces of plywood. This will be the front of your bird nest house design box. Drill a small hole to fit your dowel about 1 cm below the entry hole. Sandpaper entrance whole so that it is smooth. Cut one of 12×16 pieces of plywood at a 45 degree angle about 3 inches from the end, so you have two pieces, one that is 3 inches, and one that is 13 inches. This will be top of your nesting box. The angle of the cut allows the top to hinge open. Make sure the slope of the cut is down to 3 inch piece.

Adhesive front panel to the bottom of the nest box and secured with nails or screws. Nail or screw cut 3-inch upper piece in place, making sure the 45-degree angle cut is forward. Hinge larger, the top piece to the smaller piece, so that the lid can easily be opened and closes. Then glue the dowel in the smaller hole on the front of the box. Attach the housing to the outside of the cage by screwing or nailing small metal plates used to hang mirrors to the top back of the bird nest house design box and screw the box to the parakeet cage.

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