Cool Ideas Bird Nest Tree House

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Bird Nest Tree House Hole

Bird nest tree house – Most of the birds we have in the gardens are in fact forest birds. These birds prefer to live in a garden that resembles a forest edge with trees. Open shrubbery and lots of dense evergreen scrub, reminiscent of pine forest. The birds especially like gardens with several floors. That is with low shrubs, tall shrubs, small trees and large trees. Even in a small villa garden can create several floors in the garden. You can simply select smaller trees such as hawthorn and mountain ash to the upper floor.

The birds especially like gardens where there is plenty of food and many good hiding places. If you want to have many different birds in the garden, you must plant trees and shrubs with berries and fruits that birds can eat. But also like shrubs and trees with thorns and evergreen needles where birds can hide and have their bird nest tree house.

Water is very important in a bird-friendly garden. It can either be in the form of a pond or a bird bath. According to the Danish Ornithological Society is up to 50 percent more birds in bird nest tree house gardens where there is access to water. Here they can both get something to drink, but it also allows them to wash.

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