Electric Stove Is A Great Addition

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Range Vent Electric Stove

Electric Stove – The market for pellet stoves were a few years ago a boost when it launched a new type of stove that does not require a chimney. The pellet stove is placed in this case against an outside wall where it is connected to a fan system, called Drag. The flue gas from the stove is mixed with outdoor air to a safe temperature level before passing through the wall.

The pellet stove is most advantageous in a house heated by electric stove or electricity. According to the Energy Agency, the stove can contribute 50-80 percent of the building’s heating, depending on, among other things plan. The savings can be up to 10 000 a year for homeowners who have direct electricity.

The prices of pellet stoves vary quite a lot. The cheapest models in Energy Agency’s test costs about 23 000 and the most expensive around 40 000. Price variation is partly due to different performance of the stoves, but also affects the performance. As with wood-burning stoves, the design of pellet stoves developed to suit the modern home furnishings.

New flexible product for the villa with electric stove heating is Effects Comfort 300, equipped with an electric heater 9 kW, sun control, circulation system and solar bivalent shunt controlled radiator circuit. You can also dock an external heat source such as a water jacketed pellet stove or a heat pump.

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