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Cute Natural Bird House

Natural bird house – If you already have an Asian-style garden or just love Oriental accents, you can easily carry this theme through your yard with an oriental style birdhouse. These miniature structures mimic in line with traditional Asian architecture with curved pagoda-style roof corners and traditional Asian color combinations of red, gold and black. The birds can not be sure how the home looks like, but you will be able to enjoy the wildlife and the appearance of your garden with one of these homemade structures.

Open and rinse out a quart sized milk carton. Leave the box to dry overnight. If it smells aging milk the next day, give it another good rinse with a little unscented detergent. Then, fold the top of the box to backup and tape it closed. This is the ceiling. Also measuring about 6 inches from the ceiling and cut the box apart with a dull knife. Cut the flat bottom of the bottom half of the box and tape it securely to the base of the natural bird house.

Cut a circle about 3 inches wide to a side door of the carton. Then, mix a gallon of water with 2 pints of white school glue. This should create a white, sentimental, sticky mixture. Tear Journal of 1 inch wide strips. Also dip each strip into the mixture and apply it to the natural bird house. Covering the hollow gaps in the folded roof, but do not cover the hole you cut like a door. Coat the entire birdhouse this way. Let it dry for 24 hours.

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