Rustic Bird Houses From Recycle Bottle

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Rustic Bird Houses DIY

Rustic Bird Houses – The bird houses, created from plastic bottles, are a great example. This type of reinvention that plastic lives in this century. To begin to modify the bottle is essential that it is complete and perfectly clean, in addition, to dry inside and out. Start by marking the door of the house, draw with a pencil and trim using the scissors and/or cutter. The best thing to do is to make the entrance at the bottom of the bottle.

Paint the bottle on the outside according to your taste and style, with sponge and paint suitable for plastic the result is very natural and rustic if you choose brown tones that imitate the mud, for example. In this case, the house resulting from this craft is a rustic bird houses, but cozy and very comfortable for birds of small size, ideal for gardens and even for urban patios. The plastic bottle is the base and in this case. You also need burlap or bag cloth to coat the bottle.

The work is very simple, but you need to make a tailor-made bag for the sackcloth. To install and assemble the rustic bird houses, you just have to properly clean the bottle inside and out. Lining with the burlap choose the space for the door that you can cut comfortably. Hang with a ribbon or rope the bottle at the chosen site.

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